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On a mission to minimize the gap
between big-tech and SME's

Many SME's use third-party services for convenience, but these companies actively prevent users from accessing customer data. And without it, sustainable growth will be extremely difficult to achieve in the digital era.

This is a critical issue, as the next wave in the digital revolution (Industry 4.0) approaches - the gap between SME's and corporations will only grow wider.

With over 20 years of experience in digital product development and enterprise systems, DG1 provides SME owners with a simple, quick, and functional platform that gives them full access and ownership of customer data. With data ownership, DG1 enables future AI tools to SME market.

DG1 GROUP Timeline



Digital Growth System DG1.com

First Digital Growth System All-In-One deployed globally and ready for any type or size of SME. Enabling globalization and D2C systems to empower SME markets



DG1 Group

Transition of the group to unique SaaS provider. Global presence with offices in Canada, Japan, Slovenia and Switzerland.



400+ digital growth projects deployed

Helped small and large, local and global brands to establish digital channels and grow through digitalization and globalization processes.



Custom Digital Systems

Mastering all the verticals in digital business with custom systems and innovative technologies for selected customers.



Pioneering the web

When website was the mirror and bandwidth started to grow, we started to develop innovations and solutions to boost the internet's evolution.