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Bridging the gap between
technology and SMEs

With data ownership respect built into our business model, we are delivering new AI technologies to global markets with one single goal - To empower the Digital Growth of SMEs.


Digital adoption of the SME market was disrupted by marketplaces that abused their positions and grew based on merchants' data. The data ownership balance and access to future AI tools is crucial for the SME global economy to grow in digital.


An All-In-One big data and AI-driven digital growth system with enterprise features that any grandma can use and understand. Accessible for anyone, with predictable pricing and FREE future technologies and upgrades.

DG1 Group

With offices and unique teams around the globe, we are helping SMEs to conquer the digital markets.


With more than 20 years of track record in custom digital growth systems and digital development, we are on a mission to eliminate pain points inside SMEs' digital transition.

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