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Why are we here?

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Provide an affordable digital growth system for any kind of business
Enable any SME to globalize and grow in digital
Enable SME's to take back their big data ownership
Enable SME's to use proprietary data, Al and automation
Level the playing field between online marketplaces and SME's

Why its the time right for DG1?

50% of humanity coming online

“in the emerging world, established firms are likely to be disrupted more quickly than incumbents were in the rich world ... They have less infrastructure... to act as a barrier to entry... consumer-goods firms could find that as marketing goes digital, new insurgent brands gain traction faster...

If you thought the first half of the intemet revolution was disruptive, just wait until you see the second act. "

What does this mean?
  • The market for E-business could double due to emerging markets
  • Emerging markets have Dominant firms without large infrastructure advantages
  • Dominant firms will not be able to deter new competitors
  • There will be many more high growth insurgent brands

Data Wars - Who owns the future?

data ownership